Better software, faster.

Jamsync is a open-source version control system that enables software engineers to develop and deploy faster. We're currently under development but feel free to preview an in-development version on this site or view the source.

Reduce development time

Merge conflicts and out-of-date branches can cause hours or days of development time to be lost. Jamsync always keeps your branches up-to-date and notifies you if there's a conflict.

Reduce deployment time

Using separate services for hosting build artifacts or trying to pull whole repositories can be complicated and slow. Jamsync allows you to put any-sized binaries in your version control and only pull what you need to develop and deploy.

Store and track large files

Tracking data files or assets in a separate system can get complicated. We use a modified rsync algorithm to track changes to large and small files efficiently.

Collaborate in real-time

Jump into another person's coding session in any editor without stashing, merging, or causing conflicts. Jamsync instantly syncs and merges changes to always keep branches up-to-date.

Benefit from a monorepo, without the downsides

Monorepos are a great way to store code for a business efficiently; however, permissioning and management of monorepos in other version control systems can be difficult. Jamsync allows individual file permissioning and efficient deployments of subdirectories.

Store secrets and variables

Managing and versioning secrets and variables safely is complicated. Jamsync stores your secrets in a centralized place to make it easy and secure to deploy your code anywhere.

Free and Open-source

Jamsync is freely available under the GNU Affero General Public License.